The way we work and our terms & conditions

The outline of our relationship has online shops on leading e-commerce platforms around the world.  On the platforms of your choosing we will display your products. We always have a local company that will be the seller towards the customers. As soon as a customer buys a product, that company will buy the product from you. We will pay you out on a monthly basis, after deduction of local taxes and all fees or costs, within 5 working days after the e-commerce platform pays us.

Our service is suitable for any product that you already sell online, with typically a minimum value of 25 EUR and a maximum value of 250 EUR per piece. The product should not require verbal explanation, installation or servicing. Food products should at least have a 6 month shelf life. How the logistics works, differs for our two service levels: Dropshipping and for Local fulfillment.


As soon as somebody orders your products, we will notify you, so that you can ship the product directly to the end-customer.  You will include any packing list that we send you, and also pay the shipping company for any duties or VAT (if applicable).

Returns: In case the customer wants to return the project, refund will be made through the e-commerce platform and the customer can send the product to the local office. We will then inspect the product and consult with you what to do:

  • To safely dispose the product.
  • To send the product back to you, either separate or in batches.
  • To check the product and send it to another customer.

There is a fixed fee per return shipment for these services, and we will charge you any additional shipping or disposal costs. We will also charge you the same fee if you don’t send the product on time and we have to cancel the order.

Local fulfillment

You will ship your products to a warehouse designated by us in or near the the county where you want to sell your products. The goods must be delivered to the warehouse under DDP incoterms. You should pay for any import duties and in some cases advance the VAT (that will be settled when the goods are sold). You can always take back the products that are in consignment at your cost. Each of your products should have a valid EAN code on the packaging.

As soon as somebody orders your products, our local fulfilment centre will ship the product to the end-customer.

Returns: If the customer returns the goods, the fulfilment centre will handle the logistics and we will sell them back to you. The logistics center can repack the products and send them to another customer. Only in case they reject the product, will handle them, as described under Dropshipping.

Getting your products offered online

In both cases we will place your products on the local e-commerce platform. In order to do so without any need for corrections, it is your responsibility to comply to the following:

  • Legal requirements for importing your type of product.
  • Packaging and labelling requirements
  • Import duties and VAT or sales taxes that will be imposed.
  • Import regulations for individual packages.

If you don’t have this info yet, we recommend you to have us do an Online Market Scan, in which we sort this all out.

You will decide which products to offer and for which price. We will then put your products online on the e-commerce platform. Therefore, we need the following information from you per product:

  • Description
  • Detoured photography
  • Dimensions (height, length, width or diameter)
  • Weight
  • Unique Selling Points
  • Wholesale Price and Public Retail Price
  • Any Special Instructions or Precautions for use and transportation
  • Warranty policy

We will send you a format or application to enter the product details into, or help you use the info from your own webshop. Within 2 weeks we will then translate your product descriptions and adapt them to the local style of promoting goods, and put the translated descriptions online on the e-commerce platform.

The fee for getting your products online this way consists of two components: a one-off fee per country and a smaller fee per product item per country that you want to add or change. We don’t charge for variations in just clothing size (L, XL etc) or color, with a maximum of five variations per product. We also don’t charge for monthly batch wise changes in price or a correction of any other number. You can find the respective fees per country on our website, and they will be confirmed on your invoice. We will invoice the first payment in Euro.

Getting your products sold

For every country we will provide a local English speaking market entry specialist as your point of contact. He or she will respond on a daily basis to any inquiries that are made through the e-commerce platform, and will also monitor customer feedback. In case of any specific questions, we will forward these to you, and on basis of your input provide the customer with an answer in the local language.

We will send a sales report within five working days after the end of each month, with details of sales, costs, taxes and commissions to be paid per product. In this report, we will include feedback from end-users on the website and statistics on returns. If your product has a higher than normal level of returns, we may stop selling it. 

You will receive a monthly invoice. All fees and taxes will be deducted from the revenue paid to us by the e-commerce platform. The invoice will be in the local currency for the respective country and will pay you the remainder within 5 days after we receive the payment. The costs for this foreign exchange transfer will be on your side, but we will minimise it using a service like  In case of a negative balance, we can choose to send you a payment request, in which case you will have to pay us the outstanding balance within 10 working days. Otherwise we will take your products offline.

The fee for our services is 12 % of the turnover, based on the consumer price excluding VAT, with a minimum amount per product item (not counting for up to five variations in color or clothing size) per month, measured over the total number of products. Please note that apart from our fees you also pay the fees for the e-commerce platform.

In case of Dropshipping we only pay out for those products that have been successfully send to the customer.

In case of Local Fulfillment, we also deduct any costs that we have to pay to the fulfillment party that stores and ships your products.

Marketing services

Having your products online is no guarantee for sales. In order to start or boost your sales, can do the local promotion of your products, based on the postings, videos and other materials that you already have. We can make the translations and manage your local Facebook page or website. This we will do on an hourly basis, and in close collaboration with your marketing team.

If you want us to do this, we can have initial Skype call, in which we show you more about the e-commerce platform that we use, and where we advice you on which actions you could take. Fees may apply, depending on your questions.

Other stipulations will take a product liability insurance to cover your products, since towards the customer we will be the seller. In so far our insurance does not cover any claims, you will be liable for these. We will settle all VAT and other taxes or duties collected by us with the local governments, or forward them to you to pay to the government through your shipping provider when sending the products.

The fees mentioned in these terms vary per country. You can find all the fees on our website, and we will confirm these fees on the invoice that we send for the setup costs. Your payment counts as acceptance of our offer, without any further signature necessary. The fees as mentioned on our invoice remain valid for the first three years after payment of the invoice.

Each of the parties can terminate this service against the end of each calendar month on a two-months notice.

Please note that or the local companies can only be held liable for shortcomings in this and other assignments, insofar as this is attributable to wilful, gross or professional negligence on our part. This liability is furthermore restricted to no more than our service fees charged over the past half year. Liability for indirect or consequential damage is excluded entirely. is a brand of Alliance experts BV, P.O. box 10056, 3505 AB Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Dutch law applies to this agreement, the competent court is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.