Learn to know your export market with our Online Market Scan

If you consider selling your product online in a foreign market, it is wise to check its suitability in that market first. Learn more about online competition, suggested pricing and competition through other distribution channels.

Import requirements

Every product is unique and import regulations and demand may differ per country

online product positioning

Is there already competition? We list them and give you advice on positioning and pricing

Ecommerce product testing

Is your product the first of its kind? Then we estimate whether there will be demand at all, given the culture and local habits.

We deliver a clear report with concrete market info

What we will deliver is a clear report, typically 2 or 3 pages, that describes:

  • The suitability of your product in the market where you want to go. Is your offering useful and does it fit the local culture, habits or trends?
  • Publicly available data on market size, to get a first impression.
  • Online competition and their price range.
  • Suggested sales price.
  • Offline distribution channels with competing products.
  • General recommendations for this market.

And also legal requirements for importing your type of product.

  • Links to government websites with packaging and labelling requirements
  • Import duties and VAT or sales taxes that will be imposed.
  • Import regulations for individual packages and shipments per pallet.
  • Volume where we suggest you to shift from drop shipping to a local fulfilment centre approach.

What we need from you:

  • A clear description in English of your product or product range, this can also be a link to your website or an English-language e-commerce platform.
  • The relevant HS-code to determine import duties and requirements.
  • Per product item the suggested price, the size of the package and the weight
  • If you want us to calculate to volume where to switch from dropshipping to local fulfillment, then we also ned your shipping costs for individual packages and for larger quantities.

Prices and ordering

The price for this service differs per country, see the list below. If you want us to do a Online Market Scan, just tick the right boxes, fill out your details and press Submit.

Step 1: Choose your country

Available countries Price for the scan
€ 780
the Netherlands € 500
France € 500
Germany € 500
Turkey € 350
Saudi Arabia € 480

Step 2: Enter your details

Your name:
Your email:
Company name:
Billing address:
More info about your products:

Step 3: Submit the form