Get started with your global e-commerce

Step 1: Select your countries

Tick the countries where you want to sell, select the right service level and let us know with how many product items you want to have online. One product items can have up to 5 variations in color of clothing size. If you choose more product items now than you actually need, you keep that balance for later additions or changes. 

Available countries Setup fee Service level Number of product items Price per item Total
€ 780 € 19
the Netherlands € 500 € 20
France € 500 € 20
Germany € 500 € 20
Turkey € 350 € 15
Saudi Arabia € 480 € 20

Step 2: Enter your details

Your name:
Your email:
Company name:
Billing address:
More info about your products:

Step 3: Submit the form

and summarised here.

Step 4: Wait for our email and invoice

When we receive your details, we will directly send you a confirmation. Within 2 working days we will also send you an invoice for the setup fees and for adding your first products. The total amount you can find above if you press the Calculate button. Our invoice contains all relevant pricing and can be seen as an offer. Payment of the invoice confirms this from your side.

Step 5: Start uploading your product data

We will give you access to our system so you can start uploading your product data in English. We will have your data translated, adapted to the local audience and placed online within two weeks.