We take care of your online sales abroad

Exporteers.online sells your products on e-commerce platforms around the world.

Our local teams:

  • translate your product descriptions
  • keep in touch with your customers
  • and manage your logistic process.

We can sell products such as electronics, cosmetics or household items, that do not require verbal explanation, installation or servicing. Food products should have a long shelf live. Online sales works best for products between €20 and €200.

Worldmap e-commerce

We have two service levels: Dropshipping and Local Fulfillment

Level 1: Dropshipping

Perfect for test marketing or small volumes, or for countries nearby

Online sales
Our preparations:

We translate your product descriptions and put them on local e-commerce platforms

Our daily actions:

We answer questions and forward you the orders for your products

Shipping your products
What you still need to do:

You send your products directly to the international customers

Level 2: Local Fulfillment

For larger quantities or for countries further away

Fulfillment center
Our preparations:

We make arrangements with a local fulfillment center and help to import your goods

Online sales order
Our daily actions:

Every order we forward to the fulfillment center, that will send the products to the customer

International shipping
What you still need to do:

Keep sending us new stock regularly, based on our sales reports

We sell your goods mainly in non-English speaking countries

We sell your products in well-developed countries with a good infrastructure and affluent buyers. We focus on selling in non-English speaking countries, since competition is less and buyers prefer to shop in their own language and currency.

Native english speakers

There are 2 billion online buyers in the world, but only 360 million native English speakers

59% local language

59% of the online buyers avoids English-only e-commerce sites

92% own currency

92% prefer to shop and make purchases on sites with prices in the local currency

You can see that there is less competition and more to gain on non-English platforms than on the big USA e-commerce sites.

Amazon USA

197 million buyers, over 2 million sellers


100 buyers per seller


25.000 USD revenue per seller in 2017

Amazon germany

44 million buyers, around 50.000 sellers


over 800 buyers per seller


230.000 USD revenue per seller in 2017

Our pricing

Our fees differ per country. Choose the country for which you want to see the exact fee structure:

€ 500
around $ 560
to set up your sales and delivery process
€ 20
around $ 23
per product item that you want to add or change
12 %
of the sales with a minimum of € 20 per product item per month

For all fees and information about selling in France, click here

Not sure where to go? Order our Online Market Scans!

Import requirements

Every product is unique and import regulations and demand may differ per country

online product positioning

Is there already competition? We list them and give you advice on positioning and pricing

Ecommerce product testing

Is your product the first of its kind? Then we estimate whether there will be demand at all, given the culture and local habits.


We also look at import regulations and permissions that you should have in order to sell your product on that market. If you provide us with dimensions and weight, we look at warehousing and shipping costs and calculate the sales volume where you should switch from dropshipping to local fulfillment. This will give you all the info to decide.

The costs of an Online Market Scan also differ per country and are the same as the setup costs.